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April - 2015

It was my great honor on Saturday, February 28th to attend and participate in honoring our local law enforcement officers at the 38th Annual Yuba-Sutter Peace Officer of the Year Awards Banquet, hosted by the Marysville Exchange Club. The event was attended by over four hundred local law enforcement officers, volunteers, public officials and local diplomats as well as their friends and families.

It brought me great pleasure and pride, that night, to recognize a highly-regarded veteran officer as the 2014 Marysville Police Department’s Officer of the Year – Sergeant Adam Barber.

Adam Barber was born and raised in Yuba County, where he continues to reside today. Adam has a beautiful wife and three cute, very energetic children. Adam enjoys spending most of his free time with his family and also likes to stay active by playing golf and various other sports.

Shortly after graduating from high school Adam joined the military. Adam served honorably in the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1998 to 2002 as a base law enforcement officer at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. Adam discharged from the USAF in 2002 as a Senior Airman.

Adam graduated from the Yuba College Police Academy in 2003 and began his law enforcement career shortly after graduation. Adam joined the Marysville Police Department in 2007 as a Reserve Police Officer, before commencing full time duties with the department in 2009. During his time with the Marysville Police Department, Adam has served as the department’s Traffic Officer and a Field Training Officer, among other things, until his promotion to Sergeant in 2013.

In addition to his duties as a watch commander on patrol - Adam’s current assignments with the Marysville Police Department include:

  • Field Training Program Coordinator
  • Traffic & Parking Supervisor
  • Department Grant Coordinator
  • DMV PAS hearing officer
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
  • Child car seat safety technician

What Adam is perhaps best known for, however, is his strong passion for traffic safety and expertise in DUI recognition. Adam has won the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Award for the past 5 consecutive years for his efforts in stopping and arresting drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics.

In 2014 alone, Adam personally arrested 120 impaired drivers (His second year with over 100 such arrests). When asked where his passion for locating and arresting DUI offenders comes from, Adam answers that it lies in the fact that it is such a dangerous crime, which is so easily avoidable.

For the past three years Adam has written and submitted material for the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Law Enforcement Challenge Award. This prestigious award is given out to agencies based on their outstanding results in traffic safety and the expertise and thoroughness of their submitted material.

In 2012, the first year we participated, the Marysville Police Department received the 2nd place award for the State of California. Second place was not good enough for Adam, and through his hard work and dedication the Marysville Police Department took home the 1st place award for the entire state for both 2013 and 2014.

The Marysville Police Department also won 1st place in the OTS Distracted Driving Award in 2014, under Sgt. Barber’s watch.

In addition to being named the 2014 Officer of the Year, and his 5 MADD awards, Adam has received multiple commendations throughout his law enforcement career. These include:

(2) DUI Century awards (For having more than 100 DUI arrests in a year)
(2) Avoid the 9 awards
Meritorious Conduct Award
Community Service Award
An 11550 Award (For arrests of persons under the influence of drugs)
Military service ribbon
Bike unit ribbon
FTO ribbon
Good Conduct ribbon

Sgt. Barber’s list of accomplishments, and role in increasing the safety for all those who live, work or visit the Yuba Sutter area are remarkable. It is for these reasons that he was selected by his peers and subordinates to be recognized as the department’s 2014 Police Officer of the Year. I welcome everyone to please join me in congratulating Adam and thanking him for his effective and loyal service to public safety.

I also wish to recognize and thank the Marysville Exchange Club for its longtime commitment to supporting and honoring the men and women of law enforcement throughout the Yuba-Sutter region.  

Aaron W. Easton
Chief of Police


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