Commendations and Complaints

The Marysville Police Department is committed to its partnership with the citizens. We insist that an open line of communication must exist to both commend those officers who provide excellent service and to file a complaint regarding unsatisfactory service. We believe that all input, positive or negative, helps us improve. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us at any time.


If you have commendations for our department or an employee and you simply wish to notify a police supervisor, you may contact the on-duty watch commander 24 hours a day. You can call the Marysville Police Department at (530) 749-3900 or visit/write us at 316 6th Street, Marysville, CA 95901. We proudly display the dozens of letters, cards, and posters we receive every year from members of our community and are grateful for those who take the time to send them.


The Police Department of the City of Marysville, California has an established procedure for receiving and investigating citizens' complaints in regard to any employee of this Department. This notice has been prepared to describe to the public the procedures that may be followed when filing a complaint against Department employees.

The Department believes it is absolutely necessary, in order to maintain a high level of proficiency and impartiality in connection with police duties, for the Department to willingly receive all constructive criticism and valid complaints pertaining to Departmental procedures or acts of Departmental employees that the public believes are unlawful, negligent, unfair or not in the best interest of the people. All complaints received will be investigated as thoroughly as possible. In the event the investigation determines that the complaints are valid, corrective action shall be conducted in accordance with the following regulations; Federal, State and local laws; provisions of the Federal and State Government Code; City of Marysville Personnel Rules and Regulations; City of Marysville Personnel Ordinances and official City of Marysville Council-Employee agreements pertaining to employees' rights.

The following information is provided to assist you in the event you find the need to file a complaint concerning improper conduct or actions in regard to any employee of the Marysville Police Department.

How Your Complaint May be Recorded:

  1. You may personally come into the Police Department at 316 6th Street, Marysville, CA 95901 and request to speak with a supervisory officer who will receive your complaint.
  2. You may telephone the Police Department at (530) 749-3900 at request the on-duty watch commander.
  3. You may write a letter to the Chief of Police and mail it to P.O. Box 670, Marysville, California 95901.
  4. You may personally contact any officer of this Department, who will assist you in contacting the appropriate Department personnel.

Do not depend upon a third person to make your complaint for you, unless you are unable to do so yourself or unless you believe that it is in your best interest to make such an arrangement. If you intend to make a complaint, we request that you do so as soon as possible, while the facts are still fresh in your mind. This will give the Department an opportunity to make a more thorough investigation.

How Complaints are Received and Recorded:

The supervisor receiving your complaint may request a written statement or will take a question and answer-type statement from you. An attempt will be made to obtain as much information as possible from you to assist an investigator in verifying your complaint, positively identifying the responsible employee(s), ascertaining any mitigating (or lack of) mitigating circumstances and any other information believed to be pertinent. The information that you provide should include to the best of your knowledge, names of witnesses, persons present and persons having knowledge, places (locations of act or offense), times and dates, addresses and/or telephone numbers of concerned person and if known, the identity (names, descriptions, badge numbers, car descriptions and/or license number) of the employee(s) involved.

Please include whether or not the criticism or complaint is intended for the "good of the Department" and is being offered for "what it is worth" or is intended to be a formal complaint. Filing a formal complaint may require that you give a sworn statement and/or appear as a witness in court or at a personnel hearing at a future date.

Criticism and complaints made by telephone, mail or third person where the person reporting does not wish to give their name will be received and investigated. The resulting investigation will depend on the ability of the Department personnel to investigate the information received without further information or testimony from the anonymous source.

See samples of the written complaint forms


The complainant will be advised of the results of the investigation. When the complaint or criticism is justified, all possible measures to correct the action that prompted the complaint or criticism will be taken by the Department. When a complaint of employee misconduct is justified, appropriate disciplinary or enforcement action will be taken.

The success of any Police Department in the performance of its duties is measured by the degree of support and cooperation it receives from the people it serves. The Marysville Police Department desires the support and cooperation of the community, and believes that the best method of obtaining this support is to provide open channels of communication between the community and the police. In addition to receiving and investigating criticism and complaints, the Marysville Police Department invites comments and communications of commendation concerning employees, so that they may be given due credit for services that are considered superior or above and beyond the call of duty.

***It should be noted that although we invite valid criticism and complaints, persons who knowingly make false accusations may be subject to prosecution or civil recourse.***