How To...

  1. File a police report
  2. Commend an officer/File a Complaint
  3. Get a copy of a police report
  4. Go on a ride along
  5. Report criminal activity
  6. Get a citation signed off
  7. Contact Animal Control
  8. Report a parking problem
  9. Get fingerprinted (Livescan)
  10. Register as a sex/drug/arson/gang registrant
  11. Get property released that is currently booked at MPD
  12. Get an alarm permit


File a Police Report

  1. You can request an officer to your location by calling non-emergency dispatch (530) 749-3900.
  2. You can go to the Marysville Police Department, 316 6th Street, and speak with an officer.
  3. You can go online and submit an online crime report at your convenience.

Commend an Officer/ File a Complaint

The Marysville Police Department is committed to its partnership with the citizens. We insist that an open line of communication must exist to both commend those officers who provide excellent service and to file a complaint regarding unsatisfactory service. We believe that all input, positive or negative, helps us improve. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us at any time. Click here to continue.

Get a Copy of a Police Report

Please allow 2-3 weeks for some reports to be completed. You can call ahead to inquire about the availability of the report. Not everyone is entitled a copy of a report. We strongly recommend you call ahead to determine whether the report is complete and whether you are able to receive a copy.
Here are the guidelines:

Crime reports w/o suspect- The victim or a person listed in the report may come into the office to obtain a copy of a report with valid ID.
[ $10 ]

Crime report routed to the DA- The report will not be released until it has been adjudicated (ruled on) by the courts or by subpoena.
[ $10 ]

Traffic collision report- An involved party or the registered owner of an involved vehicle may obtain a copy of the report.  
[ $10 ]

Property damage report- An involved party or the registered owner of an involved vehicle may obtain a copy of the report.  
[ $5 ]

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Go on a Ride Along

Visit the Ride Along page for details here.

Report Criminal Activity

Call Marysville Police. You may remain anonymous if you prefer.

Submit an online tip here.
(You may remain anonymous)

You can also download our mobile app and report criminal activity. Learn more here.

Correct Citations

Review the following guidelines here.

Contact Animal Control

Contact Marysville PD at (530) 749-3900 for dead, injured, or aggressive animals. Due to budget constraints, there is no Animal Control in the city. We will not respond for stray animals. Strays can be delivered to the Yuba County Animal Care Services at:

5245 Feather River Blvd
Olivehurst, CA 95961

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Report a parking problem?

Call the non-emergency number at (530) 749-3900, and an officer will be dispatched. If the person who reported the illegally parked vehicle lives at the location, goes out to meet the officer, and explains to them that he or she lives at the location and cannot leave the driveway due to it being blocked, the officer may tow the vehicle.

However, the officer will make an attempt to contact the responsible party and solve the problem. It is not his/her intention to tow the vehicle out of retribution. Parking problems on private property, aside from handicap parking and fire lanes, is the responsibility of the property owner. You need to contact them to solve the problem.

Get fingerprinted (Livescan)?

Fingerprinting is performed at:

Yuba County Courthouse
215 Fifth Street, Suite 200
Marysville, CA 95901
(530) 749-7600

Comply as a Court Ordered Registrant

State law mandates that all persons convicted of sex, drug, arson and gang offenses must register with their local law enforcement agency. Each time an arson, drug, or gang registrant moves into a new jurisdiction they are required to register with the new agency within 10 days. Sex offenders are required to register within 5 days. If a registrant moves within the same jurisdiction, they are required to report their change of address to that agency. When a registrant moves out of MPD’s jurisdiction they are required to come in to unregister. The “unregistration” notification must be done in writing. Only residents of the City of Marysville may register with the Marysville Police Department. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, registrants should verify they reside within the city limits.  

Wednesday only 11:00am - 3:00pm
(No appointment necessary)

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Get Booked Property/Evidence Released

For all evidence held in which a person has been arrested/cited, we must receive a District Attorney confirmation that the case is closed on all defendants. Sentencing must have occurred for a case to be closed. In some cases, the District Attorney may not release items immediately, pending further investigation or appeals. Upon closure of the case and receipt of necessary releases from the district attorney, an owner must pick up his/her property within 30 days. A friend or family member may not pick up another person’s property without a notarized release.

Property that has been held as safekeeping or found may have a city imposed release fee. The city only accepts cash for the release. There is never a charge to release evidence.

To retrieve a firearm that is in our possession, you must first complete a CA DOJ “Firearms Release From a LEA” application. You can obtain the application from the CA DOJ website. You must bring a locking box  when picking up a handgun.

In order to be helped in the most efficient manner, please bring your government-issued ID (CA driver license/ ID, military ID, or passport) along with your case number. If there are special circumstances regarding the pick-up of your property, please contact our office.

Wednesday only 11:00am - 3:00pm *Appointments made be made for other days.
(by appointment only: call 530-749-3928)

Get an Alarm Permit

If you are planning to install, or currently have, an alarm system in your home or business, you must have a valid alarm permit on file with MPD. The cost of a residential or business alarm permit is $40.00 and is valid for one year. The Marysville Police Department only issues alarm permits to residents inside the city limits.  For further information and fees for false alarms, refer to Marysville Municipal Code Title 5 chapter 5.50 or contact City Hall.

You may pick up an application at the police station or download the newest application form here.

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