Here are ways to learn about civil issues:

Occasionally, we are asked to assist with civil issues. Many problems are a result of lack of knowledge on the subject. Please visit these pages to better acquaint yourself with civil information.

Restraining Orders: Temporary, Domestic, Emergency, and Harassment Orders.

Child Custody
: The importance of mediation and problem solving.

Landlord Tenant
: Knowing your rights.

Neighbor Disputes: Solving problems via the courts.

Here are ways to contribute:

Neighborhood Watch: Meetings and counseling on how you can help keep your community safe.

MPD Cadet Program: 16-21 year olds looking for mentoring and work experience in law enforcement.

MPD Volunteers: Public service and support for city and department events.

Here are ways to stay informed:

Crime Prevention Tips: Tips to combat property crimes such as theft, burglary and counterfeit money.

Megan's Law: Frequently updated sex offender registry. Please read the disclaimer and use appropriately.

Marsy's Law: Your rights and resources as a victim of a crime.

Crime Maps: Basic insight on criminal activity in Marysville.

Municipal Codes: Laws specific to the City of Marysville.

Kids Corner:

Kids Corner: A section of the site dedicated to children. You can print out coloring pages and activities for your kids.